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Activities with Aquaponics

It’s always a great time to dig in and get your hands a little dirty. We here at Symbiotic love to explore and learn about the world around us, and we have a few activities to share with you. These activities can be done for kids (and adults) of all ages, and interact well with the ideas behind why we love aquaponics so much. A big thanks to Outdoor Classroom, BlueThumb Oklahoma and Cheryl Cheadle, and our Education Specialist Reese Hundley for providing these opportunities to learn together.

Erosion in a Bottle Model

Thanks to Water Action Volunteers for the pdf and Cheryl Cheadle of BlueThumb Oklahoma for building this activity with us.

Instead of just hearing about runoff, this activity allows us to experience this phenomenon right in front of our eyes.

This activity uses (4) two-liter bottles, and you will construct this contraption so water flows through the bottles, as shown on the diagram in the pdf below. Using sand, dirt, and water to flow through the bottles, the activity will demonstrate erosion and runoff, as nutrients in the soil can be carried into larger bodies of water.