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Symbiotic Aquaponic Reveals New Backyard System

Attendees at our February 27th Aquaponics Certification Course at Eastern Oklahoma State University were the first to see our brand new, custom-designed and manufacted Symbiotic Grow Bed.

When we first got into the aquaponics business, there weren't materials for grow beds specifically made for aquaponics. What we found is that many of the materials available were either flimsy, short-lived, costly, and not up to food grade standards.

Our trial and error with everything from PVC to wood led us to design and manufacture our our grow beds specifically for aquaponics systems. Our new beds are made of BPA-free & 100% food-grade plastics. They are the ideal dimensions for 12-inch water depth systems. Additional features include versatility for use with soil-replacement, floating raft, and other aquaponic system designs. They are UV-resistent (to prevent breakdown and deterioration) and include our 5-year limited warranty and 30-year life.

See below for more specs:

• Components – 2 grow beds, 2 Step Beams, 2 uprights, 2 wire decks, 8 anchors, 2 bolt-on beams • 1 bulk head, Little giant pump, various PVC • Step Beams - 3in tall x 62 inches long/ four pin connector for snap together assembly/ 15.29 lb each

• Uprights – 48 in x 36 in/ have 14 in x 14 in footplate centered/ 39.78 pounds each • Wire Deck – 48 in x 28 in/ three channel (channels are where the deck hooks onto the stepbeam)/ 18.7 pounds each • Anchors – ½ in x 4 ¾ in/ .25 pound each/ carbon steel plated with zinc/ fasten uprights to concrete

• Bolt on beams - .462 pounds each/ lock beams into uprights • Bulk head – pre installed in grow bed/ on center/ no leak/ • Little Giant Pump PES 380-PW – Amps to operate .64, watts to operate 33, 15 ft cord, approved for submersible use, gallons per hour 350, 4.2 in long x 2.7 in wide x 3.6 in tall, adjustable flow control, ceramic shaft for longer life span, 3 year factory warranty, rated for continuous outdoor/indoor use, magnetic drive pump System Highlights • 20 cubic feet of grow space • 150 gallons of water for fish rearing • Commercial quality for the backyard/ at –home gardener • Racks are steel, designed in partnership with Husky Wire and Rack • Galvanization for indoor/outdoor use • System is food grade, food safe • Can produce literally 100’s of pounds of food annually • Scalable (can be converted into a 40 sq ft system with expansion package) • Maximizes food production with a small footprint (less than 30 sq ft) • Step beams can be set at adjustable different heights

• Can be constructed w/o power tools - uses a 5/16" wrench • Earthquake zone approved due to 14x14 footplate on uprights • Grow beds are injection molded to 80 lb to prevent bowing (over 3/8 in thick) • Provided more bang for buck in terms of grow space and fish rearing capabilities • Bulkhead factory installed, guaranteed on center and not to leak • System can be broken down and transported if someone moves

• Almost 3x the grow space and more water to rear fish at a lower price than ALL competitors • Prefabed design makes installation a breeze • Can be constructed in under 20 min by someone with no aquaponic instalation experience • Total weigh w/o PVC components, bulk head, and pump is 310.464 LB (gathering weights of items not included. Won’t be more than 15 lbs additional weight.) • All components will fit through a standard doorway • Manufactured in the USA • Scientifically proved design • Electrical requirements for system listed under the description for the pump above

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