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Backyard & Residential Systems

Aquaponics at Home and Beyond

Individuals, families and communities use aquaponics for a variety of reasons.  Whether you aspire to be self-sufficient, grow organic foods for your school or become a local producer for your community, aquaponics is a user-friendly option that allows you to be a good steward of the Earth while maximizing yields.

The relationship between aquatic life and vegetation is natural and well-documented across history, continents, and cultures.  For centuries, communities, families and individuals have taken advantage of this relationship, practicing integrated aquaculture and agriculture (also known as aquaponics) as an efficient way to grow food. From growing rice and prawns in the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia, to the floating gardens of the Aztecs, aquaponics has been a dependable and sustainable agricultural

practice.  Up until the late 1970s, the application of aquaponics was limited because of knowledge, technology, and proximity to large bodies of water. Thankfully, with a growth in knowledge and technological innovations, aquaponics is now available (nearly) everywhere: indoors, outdoors, urban areas, rural areas, at sea, tundra, desert, and even in outer space. If you have an unoccupied spot of land, pavement, garage, kitchen tile, tabletop or even only a balcony wall, you have the space to do aquaponics.


While aquaponics can be used to grow a single plant or thousands, Symbiotic Aquaponic backyard and residential systems are designed with families and communities in mind.   More than your windowsill planter, but less than a farm, Symbiotic Aquaponic backyard systems range from 20 square feet to 80 square feet of grow space. The backyard size is a great starting point for many families, schools, community groups and non-profit organizations.  While providing notable growing space, a backyard system is an adequate size for educational purposes and other social missions. Should your needs ever outgrow 80 square feet of grow space, our backyards systems are designed to convert to larger, commercial systems. Some of our current backyard growers include families, hobbyists, elementary schools, middles schools, high schools, FFA and 4-H clubs, vocational and technical schools, community colleges, Native American tribes, community gardens, horticulture programs, environmental groups, and other non-profit organizations.  Aquaponics is for everyone!  Please let us know how we can help - we're here to answer questions, provide support, and connect you with the resources you need to succeed in your aquaponic endeavors.



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