We're privileged to have united our passions and expertise in the field of aquaponics.  We believe it is our obligation and joy to advance the aquaponic practice and improve access to aquaponics for all people.  Learn more here about how our business and growing team is working to empower individuals and communities with the aquaponic resources they need to improve their well-being and lives.


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Our vision is to build healthier individuals, families, and communities through the implementation of smart and sustainable aquaponic agriculture.


Symbiotic Aquaponic strives to make aquaponics accessible to all by empowering individuals, families, producers, and communities with the  skills, resources, knowledge, and support they need to implement aquaponics for their benefit and the greater good of society.


In addition to this leadership for Symbiotic Aquaponic, it is the talented and dedicated support team and contractors that help keep things running smoothly.  Symbiotic Aquaponic is proud to employ and contract with multiple talented professionals including engineers, naturalists, financial analysts, horticulturists, and expert pipefitters.  From crafting, installing, maintaining, and marketing aquaponic systems and products, our support team provides a great cross-section of highly skilled, educated, and dedicated professionals.  We are grateful to work beside them in pursuit of our company mission.


In addition to the many skilled professionals we employ, Symbiotic Aquaponic also offers internships to students and individuals with a passion and desire to learn more about aquaponics.  While prior experience and education is helpful, it is not necessary.  For inquiries about working with our team or for internship opportunities please contact kaben@symbioticaquaponic.com