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While aquaponics is a relatively new addition to The Farm in Stuart, Oklahoma, the tradition of raising wholesome and natural produce is a five-generation legacy. Since 1905, The Farm has been providing sustenance for the various members of the Daniel Wilson family and community. From sharecropping and raising fresh eggs during the Depression to pasture land for cattle in the 1970s The Farm has reinvented itself time and again. After several years as grazing land, Daniel Wilson's parent's decided they could no longer keep-up with the demands of raising cattle. Poor economic conditions and changes in their own health pushed the family to leave cattle and search for other ways to keep The Farm alive. The family knew it was time for a change, but just what that change would be they didn't know.

When Daniel returned home from his time serving with the United States Army, he brought with him a strong desire to continue to serve others and a solution for his parents to continue running the family business. Once again, in an effort to save the farm and serve a new purpose Daniel was going to re-invent The Farm. His plans included converting it to small commercial vegetable production and building some green house structures for aquaponics. With ample experience and education in agriculture, not only would Daniel grow all the delicious foods he had learned to garden as a child, but he'd do it in a whole new sustainable way.

Today, The Farm is a lively family affair that combines both traditional and aquaponic farming techniques. In all that Daniel does, he pursues natural, sustainable, and organic methods which have become more important and appreciated by his clientele. Some of of his local customers include not only families, but stores, restaurants, and food manufacturers. Many of these consumers are actively looking for the best food possible and a great part of why Daniel has attracted their business is his ability to provide high-quality produce using aquaponics. Not only has the aquaponic system allowed Daniel to meet the needs of these consumers, but it has been a source of fun and joy for Daniel. It has been an adventure to experiment in the Symbiotic system while also implementing cutting-edge farming technology that is responsible and sustainable. Daniel hopes to continue to practice aquaponics and growing for his community for years to come.

If you're ever in the area, stop-by and pick-up something delicious grown by The Farm. You can also find The Farm online and like them on facebook.

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