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Oklahoma Aquaponics - OETA Show

Oklahoma is a state with a rich history in agriculture. From cultivating the land to raising cattle, generations of families have dedicated themselves to this way of life. And over time, the methods and strategies for producing have changed. We're proud to be part of the positive agricultural changes in Oklahoma (and beyond). With a profound respect for the land and our environment, Oklahomans are embracing the water conservation and efficiency of aquaponics in feeding people locally. If you're interested in learning more about aquaponics in Oklahoma, check-out these great episodes of "Oklahoma Gardening" from OETA (a PBS channel).

The first episode features the aquaponics system at the rural K-12 school in Kiowa, Oklahoma. This is the home of Symbiotic's Aquaponics proof of concept and first aquaponic venture. The next episode showcases two different commercial systems at Eastern Oklahoma State College in Wilburton, Oklahoma one of which is the first Aquaponics Incubator program in the region (and possibly the nation).

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