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Middle School Student Sensory Garden

This Summer Symbiotic Aquaponics worked with the non-profit group Earth Rebirth to donate and install a backyard aquaponics system at Longfellow Middle School in Norman, Oklahoma. The aquaponics system completes the sensory installation for the Longfellow Sensory Garden. The Sensory Garden is a place enjoy and mindfully explore nature with the senses. There are plots of plants dedicated to the sensations of touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell. From fragrant and delicious herbs to soft foliage on plants like lambs ear or the crunchy flower petals of hay flowers, the garden offers a peaceful space for students and staff. The garden is the brainchild of school counselor, Beth Whittier and was constructed with donations by volunteers and local businesses. Symbiotic Aquaponic is thrilled to partner with such great schools and organizations as they use aquaponics to benefit and help others.

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