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Systems & Services

We want to help you learn about Aquaponics. Getting started can be confusing, especially with so much information available. Below, we have compiled some information and helpful resources to get you started on your Aquaponics journey.

Commercial systems, backyard grow beds for the home gardener and other systems. Click for more.

Do I need a greenhouse if I want to try aquaponics? How do I set one up? We'll supply information and answers. Click here.

What grow media should I use? We will explain what's available and help you find the answer. Click through for more.

Symbiotic Aquaponic has several education partnerships. Click here for info about certification courses and more.

Check-out a picture gallery of Symbiotic Aquaponic systems, events,  classesand what we've been growing here.

Our online store is a convenient and secure way for our customers to purchase our products. Click here to shop!

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