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Get Symbiotic Aquaponic's most popular item, the 40 sq ft Backyard Aquaponics System PLUS

√ Free Shipping

√ Professional Installation in the 918 area code (scheduled on a first come, first served basis)

√ Grow Media

√ 6 months System Support


The 40 sq ft Backyard Aquaponics System is perfect for your backyard. Easy to assemble, you’ll be ready to start growing and harvesting sooner than you think! Comes pre-plumbed and includes all necessary parts for the system including a pump and filter. Just add grow media, water, fish, and plants to get growing! Easily expandable for commercial use.


  • (Grow bed colors featured in images: Marine Blue and Grass Green) 



40 EXT



    TURN KEY 40 square feet SYSTEM INCLUDES:
    2 grow beds, 1 fingerling sump tank (130 gallon), External fish tank (200 Gallon), 4 step beams, 3 uprights, 4 wire decks, 16 anchors, 4 bolton beams, 5 pre-installed bulk heads, full set of pre-plumbed PVC & pre-manufactured bell siphon with media screen.


    • Versatility of use for Soil-Replacement/Grow media or Deep Water Culture/ Floating Raft aquaponics systems and beyond

    • Commercial quality

    • Approximate total system footprint 72"x 192" - For a  recommended two feet of clearance on all sides increase footprint to 120" x 240"

    • Efficient food production in minimal space

    • Average water usage between 2-3 gallon/day
    • 5-year limited warranty on parts with 30 year lifetime
    • 1 year system warranty

    • Easy to deconstruct & transport
    • Can be fully assembled with a 5/16" wrench or Phillips screwdriver



    Component Specifications:

    Fish Tank, Sump Tank, and Grow Beds:

    • Grow Beds & Sump Tank Exterior Measurements  - 60" x 48" x `13"

    • 40 square feet/35.5 cubic feet of grow space 

    • Ideal dimensions for 12” water depth for deep water culture or soil replacement aquaponics

    • Bow resistant design to withstand maximum capacity hydrostatic pressure

    • Rolled lip on Grow beds and Sump tank for user-friendly access

    • Fish Tank Measurements (Flat Bottom) - 200 gallon capacity - height of 48" and 36" diameter around

    • Total of 330 gallons of space for fish rearing
    • System is food grade, food safe
    • Beds, sump, and fish tank constructed of 100% virgin material, BPA-free, food-safe resins and pigments.

    • UV resistant to prevent discoloration and deterioration

    • Plastics are 100% recyclable

    • 5 pre-installed bulk heads, pre-plumbed PVC & pre-manufactured bell siphon with media screen


    Racking System
    • Industrial strength steel racks consists of 4 step beams, 3 uprights, 4 wire decks, 16 anchors, 4 bolton beams

    • Each rack strong enough to hold a ton +
    • Galvanized for indoor/outdoor use

    • Step beams adjustable for different grow bed heights


    Filtration and Pump

    • Professional grade bead filtration system (Aquadyne Filtration Systems) with plug and play pump

    • 1-year manufacturer limited warranty

    √ 6 months of System Support Included

    √ Professional Installation

    √ Grow media

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