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Designed specifically for Multi-level Operations
AgroBar Ultra 720 delivers incredible power with ultra-high efficiency.
Purposefully engineered for vertical cultivation operations, the ABU-720 features a 1.6 inches aluminum low profile body, making it the ideal choice for any multi-level grow operations. 

Ultra-high Efficacy
The ABU delivers an impressive 2,034 μmol/s (PPF) at 400nm to 700nm and 2,034 μmol/s (PPF) at 380nm to 780nm by using the highest quality drivers and ultra-high efficiency LED diodes.
This makes the ABU one of the most efficient multi-level grow lights on the market with a 2.75 - 2.825 μmol/J efficacy.

0-100% Dimming
For crops that requires a lower DLI (Day Light Integral), the ABU-720 can be dimmed by the external controller in 1% increment. 

Intelligent Control System
Easily control up to 255 units with our external controller.

This purposefully engineered ABU-720 is the perfect choice for any multi-level horticulture operations.

Shipping INCLUDED!



Driver: Meanwell/Inventronics
AC Input: 100-277V
True Power Consumption: 720W
PPF: 1,980 μmol/s @ 400nm - 700nm
PPF: 2,034 μmol/s @ 380nm - 780nm
Efficacy: 2.75 - 2.825 μmol/J 
Power Cable Options:
a. NEMA 5-15P AC Cable (for 120V)
b. NEMA 6-15P AC Cable (for 240V)
c. NEMA L7-15P AC Cable (for 277V)
Light Fixture Dimensions (w/ driver): 44” (L) x 43” (W) x 3.5” (H)
Light Fixture Dimensions (w/o driver): 44” (L) x 43” (W) x2” (H)
Weight: 31 lbs

AgroBar Ultra 720 LED

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